eX Systems Projects, Tutorials, Ideas

eX Systems is a tasty vintage site created in the early days of the Internets - all the way back in 2009. Joking aside, eX Systems has been around for a while with no real activity taking place. After several failed attempts at using Wordpress to author a site we finally landed on Hyde (Jekyll's evil side) to generate the site. We liked the idea of Jekyll but are in love Python.

The problem with Wordpress, though a great platform, was that the content for eX Systems does not fall into a traditional, single category like a "blog" or "page" and the extra overhead of an administrative back-end and a comment system and users just wasn't needed.

Regarding the content you'll find all sorts of topics. We often joke that our one true hobby is collecting hobbies. We tend to get bored and are constantly in search of new ideas to explore. For that reason you can expect to find wildly varying topics and projects ranging from hobbyist electronics to amateur fireworks and from woodworking to remote controlled models.