Welcome to eX Systems.  This site is the home to a collection of Jared Julien’s personal projects.  Unless otherwise noted, everything here is free (as in free beer) for you to use in any way you see fitting.  Many of the projects are based upon the works of others around the net and links are provided where applicable.

Notable Projects


About Jared

I started my foray in electronics in the electronics program at a tech center just around the corner from my high school.  While there I stumbled upon a ton of open source projects from the likes of Nate Seidle and Limor Fried that all helped further my interests and learn a lot about digital circuits and micro controllers.  After graduating high school I went on to take electrical engineer courses and graduated in 2011 with a B.S. in electrical engineering from Michigan Technological University.  After graduation I landed a job in the software world writing safety critical code for automotive parts.

I still enjoy fiddling with hardware as a hobby and I’ve been slapping open source logos on PCB designs for 10 years before this site ever existed.  I decided that now is the time for me to begin documenting some of my projects and make them publicly available so that the next person like me can leverage them for some inspiration.  If you find something here I hope that you find it useful.  Please steal it, build your own and hack on it, that’s how I got started.  If our paths should ever cross you can buy me a beer and tell me your story.