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Welcome to eX Systems. Here you will find an eclectic collection of projects and tutorials that have been amassed over many years of tinkering. We get bored easily and love to try new things so the focus of the works contained within are not exactly clear. Have a look around and hopefully you might learn something new or find something interesting. Cheers!

Latest Project:

Parts Counting Scale

Finished Scale

Scales capable of counting parts are a dime a dozen across Amazon these days. The problem with them is that not a single one supports a connection to a computer. As part of a larger project for inventorying parts I wanted a scale that was able to connect with host software to save me from inputting readings and calibration. So I picked up one of those cheap scales and started hacking.

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Latest Tutorial:

Surface Mount Soldering 101

Some example SMD parts

Surface mount soldering is looked upon by many hobbyists as taboo in some respects. Many folks don’t like it and some of their reasoning is quite valid. I put to rest some of the myths and mysteries surrounding surface mount parts and explain a little about my approach to working with these sometimes tiny devices.

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